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Unlike you might think, CryptoCrappies didn't slip out of our assholes. Instead every component of a CryptoCrappy is handcrafted, while our randomizer made sure that only the finest pieces of crap survived to live on the Blockchain disguised as ERC-721 NFTs.

...what did you say?

Okay, let's talk: Each CryptoCrappy is a programmatically generated image or gif, which is then stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each part of the CryptoCrappy is designed by hand and every CryptoCrappy is totally unique. There will never be duplicates! Let's be honest. There are so many shitcoins and shitprojects out there, but only a few offer a real product or value. We change that. Our goal is to build a community of Crapheads where trading/collecting and memeing is encouraged. Also our biggest feature will be our mobile game for iOS and Android, where users can breed & compete against each other. Our team combines the knowledge and experience in the required aspects of game development, art design and smart contract engineering.



Combining vivid colors and a variety of extras, BossShits feature digested versions of your favorite foods and beverages coins. These Crappies nailed their life instead of shitting on it, and therefore made it to the top.



Acting as teenage offsprings, ShitToons express their emotions in an extreme manner. Can you remember the day you nearly cried on the toilet, because that spicy chipotle sauce totally knocked you out? That's how your ShitToon feels every day. Forever. Trapped inside the Blockchain. (Yes, yes, we are masochists)

Shitoons will be available in Season 2 once our mobile game is launched!


Step 1Q4 2021

Early bird presales

We are running several presales with reduced prices for early supporters.

Step 2Q4 2021

Company founding

The CryptoCrappies team is currently founding a company in Germany to provide transparency and protection against legal claims.

Step 3Q4 2021

Full launch

After the regulatory documents for the company have been confirmed we will conduct our 999 Crappy NFT launch.

Step 4Q4 2021

Community + Charity pool

30% of our royalties will go directly into a community wallet. The community can decide what should happen with the money.

30% of our royalties will go directly into a charity wallet for gastric cancer patients. We will provide full transparency of the money flow.

Step 5Q1 2022

Season 2 ShitToon Crappies

The CryptoCrappies team will reveal the artworks for our Season 2 ShitToon Crappies.

Step 6Q2 2022

Airdrop for BossShit holders

Everyone holding 3/6/9/... CryptoCrappy Season 1 NFTs (BossShits) will be rewarded with 1/2/3/... playable Season 2 (ShitToon) NFTs. Additional airdrops will occur in the future.

Step 7Q2 2022

Mobile game closed beta

Our mobile game will enter the beta stage for iOS and Android users. We will invite all original Season 1 Crappy holders to access the game before everyone else. We will evaluate every single feedback and work on improvements together with you. You will be able to earn rewards with your feedback.

Step 8Q2-Q3 2022

Mobile game release

Our mobile game will be released to the public audience. Features include breeding mechanisms with acquired ShitToon NFTs, earnable ingame NFTs and competitive multiplayer. Season 1 Crappies BossShits can be used in the game in order to boost your breeding performance.


What is the utility of your NFT?

Holders of our Season 1 NFT series BossShits are eligible for airdrops of our Season 2 ShitToons NFTs. NFTs will be needed to play our upcoming mobile game, where you can breed and compete against other players in various multiplayer modes. Play to earn mechanics are implemented where you will be able to acquire additional NFTs while playing. These will be trade-able on ImmutableX with zero gas fees.

What is the max supply?

CryptoCrappies BossShits are limited to 999 unique NFTs.

What is ImmutableX

ImmutableX is the first layer 2 solution for NFTs on Ethereum and our Crappies want to make use of its scalability and zero cost structure. This means you will be able to buy, trade and transfer your Crappies without any gas fee!
Check out their platform:

Are you legit?

Our team is currently founding a company in Germany. This process will be completed within this year, 2021. We have taken this step in order to provide full transparency and protection of our customers and ourselves. We have a long term vision on our project and strive to continuously grow our company. After the legislative processes are finished you will have access to official commercial registers and trademark entries.

What is the NFT craze about?

Do you remember the days where you cracked open a fresh pack of MTG or Pokémon cards? And then you finally got it. The card you were hoping for, completing your deck. Your friends stare at you - mirin'. NFTs are just like Trading Card games just without any physical object attached to it. You can still collect, trade, brag with your NFT just like any regular TCG. We believe that NFTs are the future in Trading Card games as our world is getting more and more digital. The Crappy you buy now could be your retirement in 30 years. At the core, Crappies are art and the value of art lies in the eyes of the beholder. One thing is guaranteed tho: Your Crappy will be your companion forever, unless you sell it to Google for 1 Billion $$$.

Are there rarities?

We will have a unique collection of the 3 legendary Kurix and animation versions of full matching crappies. Apart from that the value of art lies in the eyes of the beholder. We could imagine a CryptoCrappy with matching attributes (All properties of Diamond Hands, Ethereum/Vitalik, Bitcoin, ...) will be worth much more on the secondary market. After our full launch all rarities of individual components will be visible.

Can I choose the Crappy I'm purchasing?

During our presale phase, yes. Check the marketplace for the current offers. At our full launch Crappies will be random and revealed after the purchase.

Price for crap, sir?

During our presale and special offer period you can acquire a Crappy for as cheap as 0.01337 ETH. The early bird gets the worm crap! The prices will continuously increase until being capped at 0.069 ETH for our public full launch.

What can I do with my Crappy?

Once you purchased a Crappy you are the sole owner of your unique piece of shit and can do nearly everything you want with it. Use it as a logo, print in on your T-Shirt, brag in front of your friends, sell it to your sister, whatever comes to your mind.

Will this crap moon?

CryptoCrappies are THE shit on the Blockchain, of course they will make you stinky rich. Get it now while they are steaming hot! No financial advice.

Meet the crappiest team on the block(chain):


Software Engineer &
Meme Enthusiast



Software Engineer &
Diamond Hander



Artist by heart &
Gamer by night



Tattoo Artist &
Crappy Drawer


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